X3FFDF Podcast Episode 1 – I believe

Well ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over. The first Xbox 360 Fanboy Fancast Defense Force has gone LIVE!!! Show Notes can be found after the break.

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X3FFDF Episode 1 MP3

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What are you playing? & achievement of the week
Matt talks about X08 Canada
Show Highlights/Lowlights
Break (X3F vs Joystiq Ad)
This week’s XBLA Game one sentence review (Galaga Legions)
Fantalk X-tra – The state of XBLA


Note: Because of some technical issues we didn’t have as much time as we wanted, so for next week we’ll be sure to make it a bit longer, and we’re gonna talk about news also which we didn’t get time to talk about this week.

Also jus to let everyone know there will be a different poster for each episode, so if you liked this poster (by the way it’s referencing the “I Believe in Harvey Dent” poster from Dark Knight) then there will be different posters like this every week.

Lastly one more thing, next week we’re adding a whole bunch of new features into the show so stay tuned, next week is gonna be bigger and better!

Don’t forget to add us on Twitter: X3FFDF

And since we are not on iTunes(YET) in a few days we will be, but for now leave a comment on this page to let us know what you thought of the podcast.


16 Responses

  1. “meow meow meow” said the cat

  2. Not a bad podcast! Very professional and quality sound. My only complaint is that it got boring at parts. Try to find a way to spruce it up a litte.

  3. wait until next week, i promise you won’t be bored

  4. Anything to help x3f.

    If you guys have ads, i’d click on it.

  5. Don’t forget to get a Zune feed as well as an Ipod feed. 😉

  6. is this up on itunes yet? the faster it gets up there the bigger audience you can reach.. will download the podcast later today.. wishin you all the best of luck..

    ps: red son is only two thirds of my gamertag.. sorry.

  7. Yes it is coming to iTunes, read the notes at the end of the post, and we will also be working on getting a Zune feed. Keep the feedback coming!!

  8. Haha! Yo, I was in that Gears game when you were 1 on 1 with Cliffy B! I was already dead for a change… (:P) but it was definitely a cool experience playing and even talking to him at the media event.

    So excited for next years event!

    Oh, and nice Podcast.

    PS: Beat it is fun on drums… 😦

  9. Well they asked for it, they wanted feedback so I think we should pitch in and help them improve.

    Personally I thought that the show sounded pretty good, besides a squeaky chair that needs to be replaced. My only suggestion is that an agenda should probably be passed around a day or so before the podcast so that everyone knows what they are going to talk about so that we don’t get the problem of “I can remember exactly what happened in the last X3f” again.

    Good work guys, I still stand by my previous suggestion to get an Australian into the mix, there is not enough Australians in podcasts!

  10. Good job on your first podcast, there is a first step for everything and it can only get better over time.

  11. Congrats on the 1st podcast, I’m just about to download it and have a listen.

  12. You may want to try and get your podCast available in the Canadian store

  13. It was an error with the link. Problem solved!

  14. Was a good podcast guys, and looking forward to sunday, altho onlything that kinda got to me was the echoing where there seemed to be a delay somewhere. Was apparent in the Top 10 you did tho.

    Keep up the good work.

  15. Wasn’t apprent in the top 10…. damn this Cider! Tastes sooooo good but makes me a dribbling idiot of drivel!

  16. Good work I’ll be checking in to hear more.

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