X3FFDF Podcast Episode 2 – Bad Taste In Music

X3FFDF Episode 2 has touched down. We promised you bigger and better and we hope we delivered. Sadly, our special guest had a last minute conflict and decided not to drop into the show.

We’d like to let everyone know though that we are aware of our audio problems. We tried out a new software which did not work at all. We are aware the quality is pretty poor and we deeply regret this and we do apologize. This coming week we are going to be experimenting with various programs, microphones and applications and next week we promise to bring you a show with nothing but superb audio quality.

X3FFDF Episode 2 MP3 (Right click and save as)

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This week we introduced the ‘News’ and ‘This week in Rock Band’ segments and next week we will be introducing two more regular segments, ‘Achievements 101’ and ‘Off the boat’ which reveals which games will be shipping in the next week.

Lastly as always you can leave us a review on the iTunes music store and send any reader mail to x3ffdf@gmail.com and we will read it on the next show.

Once again we are truly sorry for the poor audio quality, stick with it, we promise next week will be much much better, we hope you still enjoy the show.


One Response

  1. One thing I didn’t mention: you can’t exploit cheats in NFL Head Coach 09 in multiplayer like you can in Madden.

    Oh, and you can design plays for Madden in HC09.

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