X3FFDF Podcast Episode 5 – Unleashed

On this week’s show we have Jonah, Richard and a sick Matt. We talk about Duke 3D, Rock Band 2, the Halo 3 update and many other things.

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As always we have our usual segments like Achievements 101 and This Week in XBLA. Although due to the absence of Holly, Patrick and Evan we had to skip over segments such as This Week in Rock Band.

Unfortunatley Holly and Patrick weren’t here to disucss Rock Band 2 with Matt as we are sure there would have been a heated debate between them and Matt but that will have to wait for next week.

Unbeknown to us we also had a special guest drop in who just so happened to be in the neighborhood.

Don’t forget to stick around after the show as we have a special interview that I think you all will enjoy!!

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4 Responses

  1. oops in my Achievements 101 section I said there were only 3 impossible challenge achievements but there is not
    there is one for guitar, bass, drum, mic, and band

  2. way to go matt! lol

  3. Let’s play in my band, Jonah’s Whale.

  4. And FTR, driving 4 hours out of state to help a friend strip and re-paint trim on a house they are buying is not “decorating”!

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