X3FFDF Podcast Special Edition – Patrick Young ft. Richard Elliott – Pokémon

Dear loyal fanboys,
Well, it happened. We suffered show crippling bugs (our show file got corrupted) and now we can no longer use the “haha, you missed out an episode” line on our JPAG counterparts. But never fear, the Defense Force is here (Sorry for the corny line). Instead of leaving our listeners in the dark for another week (here’s looking at you Randall), we’re going to release a track which we intended to be featured in the break of this week’s show.

I know it’s not like having a fresh podcast to listen to but trust us, next week we’ve got one hell of an episode on our hands. At the end of next week’s episode we will be interviewing none other than Sean Baptiste, Manager of Community Development at Harmonix Music. Have you got a Rock Band related question to ask Sean? If so you can visit the dedicated post on X3F and leave a comment with your question. If it’s any good we’ll read it on the show, but act fast, because we’ll stop taking questions tomorrow afternoon. In other Rock Band news, our own Patrick Young will be attempting the endless setlist tomorrow from 8 am to 3 pm est and will be streaming it live to the interwebs . To see if he’ll make it, tune into his Ustream page.

Once again, I apologise (The English spelling. What? I spell Defence with an S for you people. I’m not giving up another word to the American way of spelling things) for the inconvenience. I’d also like to thank Frank Romano(TheMan661) from Xcast Online and Phil Meza(SempraFi) from Xcast Online and Talking About Games and for coming on as guests on this “Lost show”. We appreciate your time and maybe next time you’ll get a full episode released.

Richard Elliott

Podcast Producer at X3FFDF

The following track is taken from Patrick Young: Greatest Hits Coming Soon

Patrick Young ft. Richard Elliott – Pokémon MP3 (Right click and save as)

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6 Responses

  1. All I can say is that I hope Patrick is not attempting the Endless Setlist on Vocals. On any difficulty above Easy, it would likely indeed prove endless.

  2. Well i know i do not sound good singing but i can match pitch on Rock Band. I have expert taken on RB1 and i would do it on singing but I just had teeth removed so its going to be on Expert Guitar but do not fret (lol pun) i will do singing live another time, maybe on Oct 18

  3. Let’s take a moment of silence to honor the dead podcast.

  4. Patrick, best of luck to you. Is this Endless Setlist 2, or the RB1 Endless Setlist?

    I know I wouldn’t want to subject anyone to the JPAG show, unedited. Doing so is an act of hubris, and the day I release an unedited stream of our stuff is the day that I expect my own listeners to unsubscribe.

  5. Thanks for all your support Holly, Randall, Matt and Matt but i could not quite pull it off but expect to see the team of Patrick and Randall do it in the near future

  6. Patrick and Randall?? Thanks alot LOL

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