X3FFDF Vs JPAG Special Edition Podcast

Some of you may know that we at the Defense Force have a small rivalry with the Joystiq Podcast Appreciation Group (JPAG), who run their own little podcast (the JPAGP). On October 18th (that’s tomorrow), we’ll be fighting it out once and for all to raise money for Sarcastic Gamer’s Extra Life charity gaming day. The X3F Defense Force and the JPAG will be going virtual toe-to-virtual toe over xbox live to see which cast is the most 1337 and which is the biggest bunch of n00bs.

3 games, 2 teams and only 1 winner.

You can get up to the minute results from the event Live from the X3FFDF Twitter feed.

To get into the mood, the guys from both podcasts have come together to produce an ultimate-super-mega-explosive-over the top-once in a lifetime-spectacular combination show, where we discuss what’s happened recently on each respective site and talk about why we’re doing what we’re doing. As you can tell, I’m rambling, so what are you waiting for?!? Hit that download link below! And while you’re at it, you can sign up to donate to extra life here. Thank You.

X3FFDF Vs JPAG Special Edition Podcast (Right click and save as)

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Remember to email us with any questions, concerns, feedback or fanmail at x3ffdf@gmail.com

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PS: Stay tuned to the site because we will be bringing you our written review of the higly anticipated Fallout 3


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  1. I hate the fact my controller konked out and I had to buy a new one.

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