X3FFDF Podcast Episode 6 – Bangers and mash

ep6Hey everyone! We have returned from the pit of nothing-ness. Finally another podcast! We know it has been forever but we managed to round up Jonah, Rich and Matt to do a show. It’s not a full show and it’s not our usual format. We talk about two big games (Fable 2 and Fallout 3) and Matt and Jonah give their 2 cents, whilst Richard takes a back seat and decides which one to buy. We also find time to talk briefly on the NXE which hits November 19th and the preview available a few weeks ago.

We apologize that it’s not a full show but we decided to put a little something together as it has been so long since our last “show”.

We hope to return next week with a full show, with everyone and in our usual format. Next week we will discuss Fable 2 and Fallout 3 much more in depth, both games are so big that we have so much more to say about them than we did in the show and we’ll also talk about Gears of War 2, Guitar Hero World Tour and the mirrors edge demo next week. Stay tuned!

X3FFDF Podcast Episode 6 – Bangers and mash (Right click and save as)

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