Editorial: Where are they now?

Dear Reader,

If you haven’t already guessed, the X3F Defense Force Podcast is dead.

The team has decided that producing the show has become more of a chore than a fun experience, and that it would be better to cancel the series than let the quality deminish. Some listeners may have noticed that shows were being released less regularly as time progressed. This was down to multiple reasons including conflicts with work & leasure/editing time and technical problems which resulted in multiple “lost” episodes. we appologise to all our listeners and thank them for taking the time to listen to us voice our opinions. We’d also like to say thanks to the guests which populated quite a few of our episodes, including the guys from Xcast, Knuckles Dawson from Achievement Hunter and who can forget the interview with Sean Baptise From Harmonix.

And now we would like direct you to some of our current projects, so without further adieu, let the plugging commence…


Jonah is still one of the major bloggers over at Gamestooge.com. With daily news post and a personality to bring a smile to your face, those who want a site to get a more general view of the gaming news (X3F is kinda restriced) should definatly check the site out.


Matt Jo is still as achievement mad as usual and can be found at his new home over at gogaminggiant.com. He’s teamed up with Yaniv & Dalibor from the JPAG to build a brand new gaming site centered around reviews, podcasts and a growing community. The first podcast is coming soon but in the meanwhile, check out the forums and reviews already posted.

Patrick, Holly & Richard

Matt’s not the only one pursuing new opportunities. Patrick, Holly and Richard have all come together, along with the JPAG’s Randall Smith, to produce the Mega Extreme Awesome Podcast, a podcast which covers just about anything Mega, Extreme and/or Awesome, including the Xbox 360. In the coming weeks they will be doing a Best (and worst) of 2008 Awards show so make sure you add the subscription link into itunes or podcatcher of your choice. Richard has also focused his creative juices into producing Highlight reels for his Grifball Team, Sarge’s Angels. If you have 10 minutes you wish to fill, go and take a look and marvel at the sport which is being considered as the replacement for every event in the 2012 Olympics, Grifball.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to download and listen to our shows. We hope you will continue to support us in our chosen paths and the X3F team.


The Xbox 360 Fanboy Fancst Defense Force Team


X3FFDF Podcast Special Edition – Patrick Young ft. Richard Elliott – Pokémon

Dear loyal fanboys,
Well, it happened. We suffered show crippling bugs (our show file got corrupted) and now we can no longer use the “haha, you missed out an episode” line on our JPAG counterparts. But never fear, the Defense Force is here (Sorry for the corny line). Instead of leaving our listeners in the dark for another week (here’s looking at you Randall), we’re going to release a track which we intended to be featured in the break of this week’s show.

I know it’s not like having a fresh podcast to listen to but trust us, next week we’ve got one hell of an episode on our hands. At the end of next week’s episode we will be interviewing none other than Sean Baptiste, Manager of Community Development at Harmonix Music. Have you got a Rock Band related question to ask Sean? If so you can visit the dedicated post on X3F and leave a comment with your question. If it’s any good we’ll read it on the show, but act fast, because we’ll stop taking questions tomorrow afternoon. In other Rock Band news, our own Patrick Young will be attempting the endless setlist tomorrow from 8 am to 3 pm est and will be streaming it live to the interwebs . To see if he’ll make it, tune into his Ustream page.

Once again, I apologise (The English spelling. What? I spell Defence with an S for you people. I’m not giving up another word to the American way of spelling things) for the inconvenience. I’d also like to thank Frank Romano(TheMan661) from Xcast Online and Phil Meza(SempraFi) from Xcast Online and Talking About Games and for coming on as guests on this “Lost show”. We appreciate your time and maybe next time you’ll get a full episode released.

Richard Elliott

Podcast Producer at X3FFDF

The following track is taken from Patrick Young: Greatest Hits Coming Soon

Patrick Young ft. Richard Elliott – Pokémon MP3 (Right click and save as)

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X3FFDF Podcast Episode 2 Coming This Sunday

This Sunday we will be back with another episode of X3FFDF. It’s going to be bigger and better than last week. We got a whole bunch of new features and segments we will introduce and we have a new host and a special guest. I promise after we get through the interview with our special guest you will never look at achievements the same way again.

The podcast will be available on our website and through iTunes and will be coming to the Zune marketplace soon. As always please leave a review on the iTunes store, it helps tremendously. You can do so by clicking here.

Lastly, any questions or comments you want read on the show please direct them to x3ffdf@gmail.com

X3FFDF hits iTunes

This is the last Dark Knight related image for a while, I swear!

Yes, now all you iPod owners (and those who just like the iTunes software) can dance like this merry fellow. The X3F Defense Force podcast is now available for download in the iTunes store! To subscribe now click here or if your energy level is too low to click 2 links now, you can find the iTunes subscription link on all podcast download pages (‘cos, you know, sometimes you can’t be bothered to do something straight away). If you have a few minutes to spare, we would appreciate it if you could leave a review. Put it this way, the more reviews we get, the more people discover the podcast and the better it’ll get. It’ll totally pay off in the long run!

Note: Zune owners don’t go crazy just yet! A zune podcast link is in the works, it’s just that it takes longer to get through the review process.

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The X3FFDF Theme Music

It’s coming…. can you feel it? Just a few more days and it’ll be here…

In the meanwhile, here’s a link to the theme tune for the X3FFDF Podcast. Enjoy….

(Right click, save as)

Xbox 360 Fanboy Fancast Defense Force Podcast Theme


Let the propaganda commence...

Let the propaganda commence...

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